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MÄHREN AG buys 266 residential units, successfully continuing growth course despite Covid-19

Acquisitions in Berlin, Eastern Germany and the Ruhr region with a transaction volume of some EUR 28 million

Further acquisitions in the planning stage and under preparation

Berlin, June 25, 2020. MÄHREN AG, a long-term oriented portfolio holder with a focus on residential properties, records a transaction volume of some 28 million euros. Altogether, the company has acquired 266 residential units and eight commercial units with some 16,000 and 900 square meters rental space respectively in Berlin, Essen, Dortmund, Magdeburg, Dresden and Cottbus.

The acquisitions include a residential complex with 59 residential units, three commercial units in Innsbrucker Strasse, Magdeburg, and a residential complex in Sielower Landstrasse, Cottbus, with 36 residential units and three commercial units. In the Ruhr region, the company has acquired four apartment buildings (Unterstrasse, Herrmannstrasse, Krablerstrasse and Johanniskirchstrasse) with altogether 40 residential units in Essen and also a residential complex with 21 residential units and a commercial unit in Schützenstrasse, Dortmund, and thus successfully added to its portfolio.

Despite the regulatory red tape such as the Berlin rent cap and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not erred from our expansion course and are sticking to our investment plan for 2020 with further comprehensive acquisitions. We regard the outlook for the residential properties asset class as positive.

Jakob Mähren, CEO MÄHREN AG

“The rent cap will have a far greater impact than the Covid-19 pandemic for investments in Berlin. This legislation has seriously hit property prices in the federal capital, especially for not yet divided apartment buildings in protected zones. Nevertheless, we are continuing to closely observe the market and leverage our deep market knowledge so that we can invest heavily,” explains Mähren. “The rent cap is causing above all short-term oriented investor groups to remain on the sidelines. For investors with a long-term perspective, like us, Berlin remains interesting,” adds Mähren.

Besides investments in its Berlin core market, the company is continuing its Germany-wide activities. Just in the past year, various buildings were acquired in attractive locations such as the Ruhr region. “Besides large apartment buildings or residential complexes we also invest in smaller buildings with fewer residential units in stable areas in B and C locations. Furthermore, we are planning our first investments in other asset classes,” explains Mähren.


MÄHREN AG is an owner-managed housing company based in Berlin. The company was founded by CEO Jakob Mähren in 2002. As a long-term oriented portfolio holder, MÄHREN AG buys mainly residential properties throughout Germany with a focus on the Berlin metropolitan region, the Rhine-Ruhr region, Eastern German medium-sized centers and Northern Germany. In the past three years, the company closed deals worth more than a billion euros. Right from the start, the portfolio of residential and commercial space owned has been consistently expanding, standing today at more than 2,000 units.


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