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The 10 most annoying real estate terms
Been there, seen that: In a personal discussion, in a meeting, in email correspondence or lately ever more frequently in video calls words crop up – buzzwords that is – that are so over-used nobody can stand them anymore. And all too often used as highfalutin cliches. So, up for a round or two of bullshit bingo? Spoiler alert: Satire!

2020 09 11 Newsroom augenzwinkern nervige Begriffe


10th place: “Upside potential”? 

In the real-estate sector, it is not just a matter of raising shovels, foundations and rents, but also forever this or that alleged potential: upside potential, optimization potential, yield potential … Even some politicians are said to have upside potential. Like Martin Schulz. Like Telekom shares.


9th place: “Holistic”?

Classic example of bullshit words. Everybody is adopting a holistic approach, without really knowing what the heck that means.


8th place: “Sustainable”?

Another typical marketing gag. If everything that had sustainability on the label really was sustainable, what a wonderful world this would be. But no, in our world anybody who merely replaces an old window calls themselves the king of sustainability. Incidentally, sustainability in general has not only ecological, but also social aspects – which by coincidence is often overlooked in the real-estate sector.


7th place: “Gentrification”?

Gentrification? What’s that, when it’s at home?

2020 09 15 Newsroom Augenzwinkern Immobegriffe gentrifizierung


6th place: “Manage to Core”?

There are those election posters which proudly call for more pure platitudes: “more justice” for example, or “down with unemployment”. The bullshit of those election slogans is quite easy to spot in that nobody would ever advocate the opposite: “less justice” or “more unemployment”. The Manage-to-Core strategy is almost as innovative as the demand for world peace.


5th place: “Blockchain”?

Particularly annoying because nobody has a clue how it works.  

2020 09 15 Newsroom Augenzwinkern Immobegriffe blockchain


4th place: “Neighborhood”?

Neighborhood development is the kind of thing that everybody can agree on somehow. Yes, we think Berlin is super also because of its wide range of different neighborhoods. But does that really mean that every street in every town has to be ramped as an independent neighborhood? A closely related term, and no less pretentious: quarter.


3rd place: “Housing policy”?

The never-ending story.  


2nd place: “Urbanity”?

So-called urban exodus really is a growing and sustainable (sic!) trend. Or was it rural exodus? No matter: At any rate urbanity is important. If a location is not urban, it’s worthless. But hey: there is bound to be a bar nearby. all the more reason to call a location urban.

2020 09 15 Newsroom Augenzwinkern Immobegriffe urban


1st place: “Excess demand”?‍?‍?‍?

So, who hasn’t stressed in the last five to ten years how healthily the real estate market is being driven by supply and demand? That famous excess demand is after all one of the last big constants in our rapidly moving world. Or can anybody recall a time when there wasn’t excess demand? No, it was always so and will always remain so: demand high, supply tight.

… and excuse us while we take a quick look at our own website, just in case one or other buzzword is lurking there.

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