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MÄHREN AG is an owner-operated real estate company in Berlin. Our key focus is on the acquisition, development and holding of residential properties. Our team boasts experts from a broad range of fields. From acquisition and investment through to financing, asset management, construction department and also marketing, human resources and financial accounting.
Our Company Philosophy
Reliable, straightforward, dynamic
We live an open and thriving corporate culture that is based on collegiality and transparency. Excellent client orientation coupled with fairness and integrity are the central elements of our company philosophy.


Our daily work is shaped by flat hierarchies and lean decision processes. Our dynamic team in the company group comprises more than 70 employees, working in a mix of experience, professionalism, curiosity and agility.

Appreciation, optimum working atmosphere, respectful interaction on an equal footing and identification with the company culture are what matter for us.


We are a continuously growing company. Our hallmark is our passion for real estate, agility and commitment. We always treat our business partners with respect, we offer our employees a stimulating workplace and long-term perspectives.

Creativity, dynamics and appreciative cooperation are the key pillars of our lasting success.

Jakob Mähren - CEO

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Our business principles

We are an independent, owner-managed real estate company. In our activities, we have specialised in the asset class of housing and also mixed-use residential and business properties. Furthermore, we continuously explore new lines of business and asset classes. We follow traditional entrepreneurial principles. We attach particular importance to the social and economic impact of our actions.


What are the particular hallmarks of MÄHREN AG?

Our business activities cover the gamut of transaction, investment, asset through to marketing management, and hence most of the work in the real estate sector and related services.


The long-term orientation of our business activities and the reliable approach of MÄHREN AG is our guideline for dealing with all our business partners and other stakeholders. This includes, above all, our tenants. We want to offer attractive living space at a fair price-performance ratio and good service. But realtors, banks and private property sellers, suppliers, employees and also representatives from town halls and politics are also important for us.


In our daily work with all our business partners and also in personal dealings within the company, trust and respect are indispensable for us.

Company history
The key milestones
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Foundation of the MÄHREN GROUP
Jakob Mähren lays the foundation for MÄHREN AG. He invests 40,000 euros in his first apartment, which he refurbishes with his own funds and then sells for a profit. He then sets up the MÄHREN GROUP and concentrates on acquiring multi-family houses in off-the-radar Berlin boroughs like Neukölln or Friedrichshain.

With MÄHREN ASSET MANAGEMENT GmbH, the MÄHREN GROUP handles the administration of the property portfolio inhouse.

Renaming as MÄHREN AG
The MÄHREN GROUP changes its name and now trades as MÄHREN AG. The company is planning the gradual opening for the capital markets so that it can significantly expand its portfolio in the long term.


Foundation of MÄHREN DEVELOPMENT GmbH and IndustREAL GmbH
MÄHREN DEVELOPMENT GmbH is set up. With this unit, MÄHREN AG steers all the construction, refurbishment and maintenance measures of its residential and commercial properties.


The foundation of IndustREAL GmbH marks the entry of MÄHREN AG into the asset class logistics and it is now also planning to acquire warehouse, logistics and industrial properties.


Today, MÄHREN AG stands for a financially strong, bank-independent company with a focus on the Residential asset class.

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