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Frequently asked questions and answers
In the Career FAQ we have already compiled some answers for you. If you still want to know something else, then write to us:
How do I submit an application to MÄHREN AG?
We hope you have found what you are looking for in our vacancies. Please send your complete application documents to We can only accept job applications via this channel.
What documents must an application contain?
Your application documents should contain a brief covering letter, a CV and certificates/transcripts. You should also give us your earliest possible starting date and your salary expectations. Please send your application as a PDF in one file.
What is the application process?
Once you have emailed us your application, it will be reviewed by our HR department and, where appropriate, forwarded to the corresponding team leader.

As a rule, you will then hear from us within 14 days. The next step is the personal job interview. This can be done over the telephone, by video call or in person. You will have this discussion with the team leader, often also with our responsible HR colleague.

We will then give you feedback as quickly as possible.

Can I clarify questions over the phone or by email before I apply?
Yes, you can contact us by phone or, if you prefer, by email. Feel free to clear up any open questions you may have ahead of applying for a job.
Are spontaneous job applications welcome?
Yes, you can take the initiative and apply at any time. Send your documentation to We will assess your application and get in touch.
Does MÄHREN AG offer vocational training?
At the moment, we cannot offer any apprenticeships. But this might change in the future. So, browse our website now and again, there may be corresponding offers on our careers page.
Does MÄHREN AG offer internships?
Yes, we do but not on a regular basis. Feel free to phone and enquire at any point.
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