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Is it all Clubhouse or what?
Clubhouse is on everyone’s lips. The new app talk format is a mixture of an interactive radio talk show and a digital meet & greet. We tried out the app right away and have already organized our own first Clubhouse Talk which was very well received by thousands of listeners: A couple of them even triggered a spontaneous aftershow directly following our event. What a dynamic!  One question remains: Can this exciting concept work beyond the current contact restrictions?


Listen in and join the discussion in real time

Sure, many of us sit in our home offices all day. Between meetings and daily projects, you’ve already ordered from your local delivery service and studied the timelines in your own social channels ten times. Clubhouse fills a gap here. Once you’ve downloaded the app and received an invitation to join in, you can get started right away: listen in and join the discussion in real time on a wide variety of topics with other Clubhouse users from all over the world. The app now has around two million active users – further growth guaranteed.

The app is fun and successful

For the real estate industry, the potential of the new app became immediately apparent. Several channels have been established almost overnight. The discussion panels are reaching audience figures in the four-digit range – respect. Journalists are now also organizing their own panel discussions, which gives the talks a more professional touch.

 One thing is certain: Clubhouse benefits from the fact that the opration of the app is quite simple – but also the privacy issue. The app is a breeze to use – and fun, too. Secondly, Clubhouse is currently so popular because we can only meet in person to a very limited extent. There are no personal or professional opportunities to network in person. Restaurants are closed, congresses, trade fairs, industry, association and network meetings take place exclusively in virtual space via video conferencing.

 That’s where Clubhouse, as an audio-only format, has a clear advantage. Since you can only participate via iPhone, it’s actually of secondary importance whether you join in at your desk, by the fireplace, on the exercise bike or while jogging in the park. All that counts are ideas, opinions and questions expressed. A clear focus on content, which is definitely welcome.


What is the business case after Corona?

But what comes after Corona? Can Clubhouse establish itself as another format and survive the competition from conventional social networks that focus strongly on visual content? The app’s founders, in particular, are also thinking about this. Americans Paul Davison and Rohan Seth recently announced that they are now working on a business case based on the time after Covid-19. With a market valuation of well over one billion U.S. dollars so far, the two should definitely do that. We remain excited – and continue to use Clubhouse with our own events to exchange opinions, expand networks and bring exciting people together.

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