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The myth Home Office

Why it’s nicer to work in the office
The myth Home Office
Why it’s nicer to work in the office
Working from home can be so nice: sleeping longer, no stressful commute, no need to shower and dress up in the morning. A decent T-shirt is enough for a Zoom call. And how practical: quickly throwing in a load of laundry or emptying the dishwasher. This is what many enthusiastic voices say. Home office is being worshiped and an office fan is labeled as hopelessly backward and outdated.
Home Office
Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, we have really made ourselves comfortable in the so-called home office. But before the pandemic, working from home was frowned upon and considered a failure. Let’s be honest, we now know why! What makes us really annoyed when working from home or: why it is nicer to work in the office.

The coffee tastes (often) better

Of course, there are also real coffee freaks with professional equipment at home. But not many home workers take the time to make a proper coffee when they have several cups a day. So, filter coffee and long-life milk are the norm – it can taste okay and wake you up, but in the long run, it’s nothing compared to a professional coffee machine, such as those often found in offices: latte, cappuccino, frothed milk, espresso, or even a simple coffee brewed from a professional sieve machine that costs 3,000 euros and the corresponding equipment bring a different morning push to working life. Of course, the boss bought it for this reason. And there’s also fresh fruit, water and juices. Okay, I have that at home too, but I don’t have to pay for it at work.

Save on energy costs

Speaking of money. Energy is getting more and more expensive. Gas and electricity prices are skyrocketing. Every kilowatt matters, as politicians always say these days. I agree. And that’s why I don’t necessarily have to spend the whole day at home. Unfortunately, I can’t take the heat from the office home with me. And I prefer to charge my phone at work;-). And to get through the weekend, I’ll charge my power bank and iPad too. That will last until Monday. Charging doesn’t even cost a penny, but it adds up over the year.

Office Team

Share, laugh & gossip with colleagues

Zoom, Teams or Google Meet – all well and good. The video sessions are convenient, cool and you immediately feel like a digital nomad in Dubai, even if the company laptop is only in the kitchen at home. But of course I miss my colleagues, the – paid – smoke break and, above all, the gossip. The shared laughter. The personal exchange. You could also do that via Zoom. But it’s just not the same. And you never know what the technology in the background can do, and the boss or at least the IT department can listen in. Oh, how I miss the gossip breaks in front of the entrance about the latest office romances, the boss’s escapades, and the little faux pas that the co-chief has put his foot in again. At home, the only person who ever rings the doorbell is the parcel carrier.

No parcel carrier

And that’s the one who gets on my nerves. Not the delivery man himself. But since I’m at home all day and order a lot online myself (though not yet a fully automatic coffee machine), the colleagues from DHL, Hermes and UPS always hit me with the orders from the neighborhood. The shipments already have a fixed place in the hallway and some take weeks to be picked up. The neighbors then ring the doorbell three or four times a day. Unfortunately, that’s exactly when I’m in the middle of a team call or have a brilliant idea. In the office, I have my peace and quiet – and then knock on my neighbor’s door in the evening.

A cool workplace

A beautiful new working environment! The furniture and room layout have been completely designed according to the latest research findings. Super loungy, motivating and health-promoting. Tables that are easy on the back and can be raised. Unfortunately, this is not the case in my kitchen: I sit on a wooden chair, the sun shines on my screen all afternoon, and the refrigerator is on top form every 30 minutes. I prefer to take refuge in inspiring office worlds; some protagonists are already talking about the campfire experience.

Office love

You may have guessed it already. I am single. No wonder. We’ve had a few after-work parties, including drinks, but on screen. And flirting in front of the whole team is not a very effective way to get started. I don’t want to go into details now, but I’d like to meet one or two representatives from the Monday Zoom jour fixe in person, even at the coffee machine. And who knows? Maybe the others will soon have something to gossip about.

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