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The whole truth about realtors
Society needs baddies to maintain a balance – somebody you can pin the blame on and hold responsible when something goes awry. Our profession of the week: realtors.

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The brokerage profession has accumulated so many clichés over the years that almost everybody can agree that there is something foul about this line of work. We have put together a few of them – because as we all know, there is a grain of truth in every prejudice. Or is there?


1. Realtors don’t do anything apart from unlock the front door
Arrange a viewing, unlock the house, give the potential buyers time to look round – and job done. And pocket six percent commission plus sales tax? Well, emergency locksmiths are also really expensive, aren’t they …?

2. Realtors are superfluous
Anybody who cannot sell their home for top dollar in a market shaped by huge demand and little supply only have themselves to blame. What’s the point of a realtor?

3. Realtors do not need any qualifications whatsoever
The cousin three times removed from the granddaughter of my mother’s aunt has just started as a realtor. His qualification? Well, enough to know how to open front doors.

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4. Realtors are key links in the money laundering business
That at least explains why realtors earn so much. After all, somebody has to turn at least one blind eye when dozens of homes are bought with suitcases of cash.

5. Realtors are corrupt
Have you ever stopped to ask why you never get the apartment of your dreams even though you have excellent references and all your paperwork is in order? Might just be that you are too mean to give a good tip.

6. Realtors are …
…. not to be underestimated. As we like to work together with realtors and would like to continue doing so in the future, here is the real truth: All that stuff above is of course pure rubbish. The truth is that realtors play an important role for the real estate market and its participants: their work leads to greater market transparency and sounder price formation; moreover, they are an important source of information and advice for consumers. Reputable realtors have a wealth of expertise – and taking a look at their business schedules makes it more than clear that it’s not just full of appointments to unlock front doors.

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